About Me

Roger Le

Dear my fellow marketers,

Welcome you to my home of affiliate marketing. You are visiting my blog; so, you are a friend of mine. Let me introduce you around.

My name is Roger Le, founder of Affiliate Solo.

I am a former student of an University about Technology and science based in Vietnam. Working mostly in the environment surrounded by the Internet, I soon realized the world is borderless.

I got inspired with affiliate marketing and spend most of my spare time working on it.

I am here now to bring you this delicate website that I’ve invested my heart and soul.

About Affiliate Solo

Affiliate Solo was born to bring a user-friendly platform for digital nomads all around the world. I keep things up to date with loads of information in the related field, thus, brings the world of affiliate close to anyone who shares the mutual passion.

In Affiliate Solo, you will find my writings about Making Money Online including beginner’s guide, tools that help you build your business from scratch, how to start up with little money, entrusted workshops and effective training courses.

All of which I named, I will be experiencing myself and tell you what I think, the good and bad. I will provide you with free sources of knowledge and keep you safe from Internet hoaxes.

Why Affiliate Solo is worth your time?

I have betaken myself to blogging about affiliate marketing. It is a huge industry that seems to be booming in recent years, and you can find websites about the topic everywhere.

While the network is stuffed with information, scam and fraud have the prosperous land to grow; not to mention outdated knowledge.

Therefore, I yearn to bring my truth that represents in what I write. You will soon realize that I don’t sell the products, but the values that my audience will get.

It is important to me that you are not going through any nonsense marketing hype urging you to buy things, but the objective reviews that tested and proven.

I understand the tough to be an affiliate marketer at the beginning; that is why I rise the sympathy of how hard it is.

Accurate, Honest, and Trustworthy

Those are the criteria I want to concentrate. I want everything in my blog owns an absolute value; the digital products, the training courses, marketing trends and anything in between would be as crystal clear and proven to work for you.

I aim to bring Affiliate Solo to be your companion in your digital career. I ensure everything you read from me is authentic, reliable, and genuine.

Thank you for being here!

Success in blogging can’t be done alone on my behalf if I don’t have any interaction and contribute from you. I wish to listen and learn from you, and I don’t mind to change to adapt.

I would like to thank you for supporting and being close to me. Affiliate Solo will grow to be a trustful friend and together we will have the world by the tail.